Assembly at MGC

We have our own Western electronic engineer to develop electronics. When we need to outsource electronic development activities, while your IP needs to be protected, we split up the development between electronic engineering companies mainly from Taiwan & Hong Kong. This way you can gain cost savings while your IP is fully protected. For example, by this way we developed a new traffic control system with GPS monitoring and remote controlled uploading for less than 25,000USD.

Electronics production

Electronics assembly is our main focuses. We have a strict system in place to guarantee quality and make sure that your IP is protected.

  • Controlled purchases
  • Strict incoming QC and duration test
  • In production tracking
  • Final QC
  • Out of the box QC

Controlled purchases

All components are purchased direct by us and the initial QC is performed by us, this guarantees that we buy genuine components and this prevent subcontractors to save money with counterfeit parts, which can cause tremendous problems in the future.

Strict incoming QC & Duration tests

When electronic components arrive in our factory we always trace the batch numbers and verify with the supplier if the batch is genuine.

To make sure the components have the right value or performance, we perform random tests on AQL level with test jigs. After component QC we supply them to the PCB-A factory for assembly. After assembly, we perform a visual inspection and duration test on all the boards. Duration tests are vital, if the electronics work for 24 to 72 hours they will have a very low failure rate in the future.

In-production tracking

All the PCB’s are barcoded, so we know exactly which tests have been performed on a PCB, for example:

  • Visual test
  • Duration test
  • Circuit test

If they fail a test, we will examine the relevant PCB, and we will be fix it or disposed it. This tracking system protects us as well, because if certain test is not performed on the PCB they can’t be final assembled.

Final QC

After final assembly all products get a final QC before they will be packed, with our tracking system you can trace every single product, and see which components have been used and when & where have been purchased. This gives you 100% traceability and transparency.

Out of the box testing

Out of every batch our western engineers perform an out of the box test. That means they will look for failures which are not described in the QC procedures.