Sourcing at MGC

Sourcing at MGC

For contract manufacturing we make in-house the plastic parts, the rest of the components we outsource. On time supply and quality are key in outsourcing. We have over 60 subcontractors and to manage them we have set-up a constant monitoring system.

Quality starts with us

For every part we purchase we have a spec sheet and QC instructions, both spec. sheet and QC instructions, are email automatic, with the order of the part(s).

Factory Audit

Every main supplier gets at least every 6 months an audit. Smaller subcontractors we send the specifications and QC instructions and we preform extra incoming QC. In the factory audits we concentrate on:

  • What kind of quality system is in place, and do they follow it.
  • Do they use our specs and QC instructions
  • Do they pack our parts correctly, for main sub-contractors we use our own
plastic crates, to make sure that goods don’t get damaged.

Electronic components

All the electronic components are directly bought by us, to make sure they are not fake and before we send them to the PCB-A factory for assembly we perform an AQL test and for some components a duration test.