Prototyping at MGC

Rapid Prototype

If we make a prototype of a coffee machine; you can make coffee with it and drink it!

3D printing

We just installed 4 3D printers, this is the fastest way and low cost option to make your prototype, starting from 10USD+plus Courier cost for small parts!! Making prototypes is never been so easy. Contact us and discuss your product.

For more high end prototypes we use several other techniques

We are specialized in CNC milling, because this technology gives the most accurate presentation of a mass production parts. Next to milling we offer; Fused Deposition modelling (FDM), Stereo lithography (SLA), Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) and for samples from 10 to 50 parts we use Vacuum Casting (VC) and for up to 1,000 parts we use Soft Tooling (ST).

Fully function rapid prototype

In addition we offer fully functional prototypes in which we can integrate; metal, standard buying parts and electronics, which is excellent for product testing, fitting, marketing and design confirmation.

Part Analyses

When you order a prototype with us, we give you full part analyses, which is part of the pre-production process. Draft angle analysis, injection point, parting line and quick mould flow and FEM analysis. These analyses are crucial for the mould production and if these issues are left to the last minute serious delays can occur, because the result of these analyses can require significant design changes.

Compare Rapid prototype technologies:

laser sintering
Cost xxxx xxx xx xxx x
Accuracy xx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx
material choices x xxx x xxx xxxx
Surface finish xx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx
Presentation xxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxxx
Mechanical testing xx xxxx xx xxx xxxx
Speed xxxx xx xxx xx x
1-10 pieces xxx xxx xxx n/a x
10-50 pieces n/a n/a n/a xxxx xx
50-1,000 pieces xxxx
x Poor/expensive
xxxx Excellent/Cheap
n/a Not applicable
3D printing We use wire technology