FAQ Rapid Prototyping

My design is confidential: how do you ensure the privacy of my project?

Customer confidentially is very important for MGC ltd., and we take it very seriously. All of our customers are covered by a Non-Disclosure Agreement which can be found on our Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the page.

What Rapid Prototyping technologies does MGC uses?

3D printing: cost low, materials ABS and PMMA, visual models only, tolerance 0.1-0.2 mm production 1-2 days
CNC milling: cost medium/high; wide range of materials to come as close as possible to your final production material; functional prototype with high tolerances production time 2-5 days
SLA/SLS laser printing: cost medium, material close to ABS; functional prototype with high tolerances, production time 2-3 days
Silicone mould vacuum moulding: cost medium, wide range or materials, for 2-50 copies, functional prototype with high tolerances, production time 5-10 days
Soft mould: cost high, actual injection material, functional prototype with high tolerances, for 50 to 1,000 copies, production time 10 to 20 days.

How big can I make my model?

3D printing
200 x 200 x 186 mm (7.8 x7.8x7.3 inches) for bigger models we can glue parts together.
CNC milling
500x500x600mm (20x20x24 inches) for bigger models we can glue parts together.
SLA/SLS laser printing
406x355x406 (16x14x16 inches) not advisable to glue parts together
Soft mould
500x500x600mm (20x20x24 inches) not advisable to glue parts together
Minimum wall thickness 1, 5/2 mm (0.06 inches)

What file formats can I use to upload my 3D files?

Original files from ProE, solidwork, Unigraphics or formats like .IGS, .step .We will analyze the files and convert them to .stl for processing.

What is the maximum file size of a 3D file upload?

We suggest you not to exceed 30Mb, You can contact us to get access to our secure FTP server or use service like: weTransfer, or sharefile. 

I do not know how to 3D model, can you help me?

You can send us a sketch, 2D file or StudioMax file, we will give you a quotation to re-draw and create a true 3D file. 

How thick does my object have to be in order to be strong enough?

Minimum thickness of the object should not be lower than 1.5 - 2 mm (0.06 inches)

Can I finish or paint the parts?

We can do this for you or we can send you the model in base paint so you can finish the part yourself in any colour you like. Please indicate to us the final colour so that we will chose the base paint accordingly.

How do you calculate prices?

Depending on the production method and surface finish we will give you a quotation and depending on your Country, tax will be added. Any other tax, duty or charge imposed by your Country and any other applicable taxes, duties or charges shall be at your charge. We have no minimum order some small 3D parts are as low as 10USD plus courier cost.

Do you have volume discounts?

Yes, we have for regular customers, they get a discount depending on their yearly volume or for the first order multiple parts we will give you instant discount.

What form of payment do you accept?

You can pay with most Credit or Debit cards only through the PayPal service. Our payment procedure is totally secured by our specialized partner. For larger orders or bigger projects we also use TT payments.

Can I cancel once I have placed my order?

If you agreed with our proposal, and the production process has started, and the parts are according specifications and tolerances, you can’t cancel the order anymore.

What are your shipping methods?

We use express delivery by UPS, TNT or FedEx. You can use our account or you can supply your account number when the order is placed.

Are there any prohibited products?

Sexual content and weapon or weaponry look products will not be accepted by MGC ltd.. Any file containing such content will be removed without further notice and the order will not be processed.

What about IP Protection in China?

IP Protection is an important issue in our company, if we don't protect your IP, our reason for existence disappears. Please see our IP protection page under the services menu.