Moulds at MGC

Since the beginning in 2005, mould making had been the backbone of MCG. Nowadays we produce between 20 and 40 moulds a month in our state of the art facility in Dongguan, China. We supply 40% of our moulds directly to the Chinese market, and we export the remaining 60% mainly to European- and US market.


We are specialized in producing new moulds with a clamping force up to 2000(T). Our moulds are able to suit a wide range of applications or assemblies, such as high gloss moulds for consumer products, industrial high precision moulds, and stack moulds for high volume products.

  • Production Multi-cavity Moulds
  • Insert Moulds
  • Over Moulds
  • Close Tolerance Spare Tooling

We take over existing moulds as well. With our expertise we can make small adjustments to reduce your production cost significantly, or we can refurbish them to make them operate automatic, faster and more reliable.

Quality Assurance before Tooling

To ensure our high quality standard and prevent problems in the future, we perform different analyses on every mould before we go into the mould production and tooling process.

Product Analysis

In this stage we evaluate the product with our client and we take a detailed look at the parts that will need to be molded to determine the optimal draft angel, parting line and tolerance requirements.

Assembly Analysis

In the assembly analyses we obtain the ideal fitting requirements and clarify the safe steel dimensions.

Mould Set-Up Analysis

Through high end software we can simulate the projected mould flow and create a complete final 3D drawing of the mould. Thanks to these projections we can determine, among other things, the perfect injection point and the specific mould set-up.

Quality Control during Tooling

We define total customer satisfaction as our quality standard. This drives us to settle for nothing less than excellence in all aspects of our business as we continuously educate our people and improve our processes. One way to ensure the quality of our production output is the main procedure we apply to every mould we produce.

Main Procedure:

  1. Mould Design Control
  2. Steel Certification
  3. Mould Steel Hardness Inspection
  4. Mould Electrodes Inspection
  5. Mould Core and Cavity Steel Dimension Inspection
  6. Mould Pre-Assembly Inspection
  7. Mould Trial Report and Samples Inspectio
  8. Duration test report
  9. Mould Pre-Shipment Final Inspection
  10. Export Mould Package Inspection

To keep our company on the forefront of quality injection mold making, we only invest in excellent facilities. To ensure smooth communications and enforce our high western standards, we employ a Dutch and a German engineer as well.

Project Management

After our initial quality assurance process but before the actual production process of a mould, we will provide our client with part- and assembly analyses and a full mould design document. Special packaging requirements like coordinating custom stacking, bagging and labeling with any necessary outside sources won’t be any issue for us.

During production, our clients can always make use of our shared IT system and check status- and test reports, and drawings or schedules on their specific order. This improves transparency and traceability of a project, while eliminating redundant communications flows.

To illustrate the whole process of the production of a mould, from the quotation request to the packing and delivery, we have a developed a process flow schedule.


In general, the reputation of Chinese companies regarding the aftersales services to their clients is not positive. Furthermore, many think that aftersales at Chinese contract manufacturing businesses are nearly non-existent.

As operating business in China for more than one decade, we have to admit that many Chinese companies lack service towards their client after the deal is done and the money has been transferred. Causes of this shortcoming can be cultural differences, physical distance, or companies simply know that they sell inferior products, but as long as they keep receiving orders, they are not planning to invest time and money to improve total customer satisfaction.

At MGC, we decided to make the aftersales service in a business project one of our strongpoints, and we never undervalue the importance of reputation building. For example, an order where a client orders a mould to use in his/her own factory, is very vulnerable for neglecting aftersales service by the supplier of the mould.

At MGC this will not be the case. At first, we diminish the possibility that problems in the long run will occur to a mould coming from our production facility. Every mould that leaves our factory has run at least 3 days non-stop to undergo tests. Only when we are certain that the mould is perfectly tooled and the client is 100% satisfied with the result, we file all the relevant data and information in our database and deliver the mould to our client. A few weeks after delivery our aftersales department will contact the client and they will check if everything is according expectations. Using data they will check the machined performance of the mould as well. In the rare case that some problems occur to the mould, we will try our best to assist our client and to solve it as soon as possible. For our European customers we have a dedicated mould maker stationed in The Netherlands, and thanks due our extended network we provide worldwide coverage as well.

We offer all our other services with the same mindset as explained in the latter example. We are always looking for ways to improve our production output and services in a qualitative manner, and we are always open towards constructive feedback. If any problems occur of any kinds, we will be the first one going to the bottom of the matter and trying to solve the issue, all in coherence with the relevant client.