Secure Production Proces

Secure production process (SPP™)

Intellectual property is very important to us, the protection is vital for our existence. In our facilities we can’t make all components, so we have to outsource some to subcontractors. To mitigate the risk of copy, we developed the Secure Production Process (SPP™). According this approach, the production of your product is split up in unidentifiable components to minimize the risk of copy. The final assembly is carried out in our secure assembly environment.

Avoid the Dangers:

- Supplier can become your competitor

- Risk of copying your intellectual property right

Secure production process (SPP™) Advantages:

- Gives MGC and our clients control over all processes

- Our subcontractors have very little information as to what the final product is

- File management is controlled by our SQL server, so only authorised staff can access it and only current projects can be accessed.

- Low risk of copy